What Our Customers Say

Megapixel Imaging... Worth a Thousand Words

We’ve been successful because our customers value Arecont Vision® products and our market leadership.

Arecont Vision has delivered over 3.5 trillion pixels from our cameras sold around the world since our journey began in 2003. We hold over a dozen patents for our industry-leading technology, which helps account for the many industry firsts we continue to deliver.

What Our Customers Say Matters the Most

“With the valet service, customers will come in and claim that marks on their vehicle weren’t there when they arrived, and quite honestly, they may believe that’s true.

With the Arecont Vision cameras, we’re able to look at the video and say with confidence whether the mark was there when he or she arrived at the hotel.”

-Kevin Miller, Corporate Director of Security for the Davenport Collection of Properties, Spokane, WA

“We conducted a vigorous study of Arecont Vision Costar and other suppliers. We found Arecont Vision’s backend delivery and logistics in complying with our requirements to be far superior than others.

Furthermore, we received references from other local businesses such as other Marriott hotels and Al Nabooda Automobiles for their Audi and Porsche showrooms and service centers.”

-Aditya Rajaram, Managing Director of Radar Holdings, owner, Aloft Hotel Dubai South, UAE

“One of the things that has been of benefit to me is in the way of product offerings, with the new RS series of cameras, particularly the SurroundVideo Omni G3’s. Being able to aim and focus those multi-element cameras remotely has reduced installation time and allows me to make adjustments to field of view remotely without having to go on-site. Anything that reduces ‘ladder time’ impacts my business in a good way.”

-Bernie Greer, Manager, Applied Digital Technologies, Charlottesville, VA

“I had a large school project with about 500 cameras in the beginning of 2019, and two cameras failed shortly after setup. I was really happy that without a fuss, Arecont Vision Costar stepped up and gave us a bunch of spare cameras.

They said ‘If you have this issue again, go get one & hang it up and see what’s going on.’ That made the customer and I feel really good.”

-Don Olson, Owner, Audio Innovations, Fresno, CA

“I have had to hold some pictures for the Chicago Police Department, and they cannot believe how good the [video from the] cameras looks.

I’m very, very happy with the product.”

-Jim Bayci, 7-11 Franchisee, Chicago, IL

“If we’re going to build a new surveillance system, we need to make sure that if we have an incident, we can actually see who was involved.

We wanted an innately high-quality, flexible solution, and we got it with Arecont Vision.”

-Kevin Miller, Corporate Director of Security for the Davenport Collection of Properties, Spokane, WA

“Simplified installation features such as remote focus, along with advanced features such as true WDR (wide dynamic range) were key factors in the decision.

Additionally, the SurroundVideo camera series’ cost effectiveness and coverage capabilities placed Arecont Vision ahead of its competitors for the job.”

-Mike Bales, COO, WW Communications, Mankato, MN

“The overall feedback we received from our reference checks was that the Arecont Vision Costar cameras are highly reliable, stable, and with high quality, and that product support and service was very superior.

Those are all things we required for the hotel.”

-Aditya Rajaram, Managing Director of Radar Holdings, owner, Aloft Hotel Dubai South, UAE

“The new Arecont Vision Costar doesn’t play the ‘blame game’ when you contact them. When you need an RMA, you tell them what’s going on and the response has been ‘OK, we’ll take care of it.'

It seems like whoever I talk to they’re saying ‘Let’s get get this taken care of right now.’ It’s not a 3 phone call or 3-email kind of thing.”

-Don Olson, Owner, Audio Innovations, Fresno, CA.

“I’ve got a downtown urban location with a lot of windows in it. I was looking to upgrade the system to get better resolution on the cameras.

The Contera system has just been a marvel as far as the color quality and the resolution that I’m able to get.”

-Jim Bayci, 7-11 Franchisee, Chicago, IL

“We certainly didn't want to give people the feeling that they're being watched throughout the hotel.

We really like how the low profile of the cameras and the multi-sensor capabilities enabled us to use just one camera opposed to four separate ones.”

-Kevin Miller, Corporate Director of Security for the Davenport Collection of Properties

“They [Arecont Vision cameras] are small and nearly invisible to anyone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for. The fact that they have such a small footprint makes them ideal for us in the ticketing and front entrance areas.”

-Thomas Uretsky, Director of Security and Emergency Management, Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA

“We were sure to go back to Arecont Vision during this process. We have had a good working relationship with them for the past five years, and they enable us to use less cameras while still maintaining full view of inspection areas.”

-Paul Mueller, Security Manager, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Manchester, NH

“ The customer and our company are very satisfied and very happy with the quality of the equipment. For this project, installation went very smoothly. Arecont Vision provided superior image quality and a user-friendly interface. ”

- Nick Melnyk, of Ficek Electric and Communication Systems, Inc.

“ The school district was so pleased with Arecont Vision products that they are now looking to put additions to the surveillance systems on most of the campuses. We are very satisfied with everything we have received from Arecont Vision. ”

- Nick Melnyk, of Ficek Electric and Communication Systems, Inc.

“We had a burst pipe in the lobby during construction, and the Arecont Vision Costar cameras were able to help us identify the exact source and timeline of the leak due to the quality and clarity of the video. We had another incident where a delivery truck struck one of our pylons. The camera was able to very clearly catch the damage and identify even very minor details of the number plate and driver in order to file the necessary loss prevention complaint. We were very satisfied with the outcome that the cameras were able to deliver.”

-Aditya Rajaram, Managing Director of Radar Holdings, owner, Aloft Hotel Dubai South, UAE

“What’s really nice is we can actually view the cameras from several different locations in real-time or in playback These cameras help reduce our on-floor manpower and increase our effectiveness because there can be one person on the floor and another person who is watching the cameras, who can cover 10 times more area than one person can on foot.”

-Kevin Miller, Corporate Director of Security for the Davenport Collection of Properties, Spokane, WA

“The SurroundVideo Omni cameras are some of our favorites because we are getting four cameras in one. They have the most flexibility. Our blind spots are much more limited, and we don’t need to use nearly as many cameras as we previously had in those areas.”

-Kevin Wright, Security Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA

“A variety of factors led to the use of Arecont Vision, not least of which was the commitment and quality they provide as an American-based manufacturer. They are one of the few vendors who design and build cameras in the U.S., and their cameras’ features and reliability reflect that.”

-Mike Bales, COO, WW Communications, Mankato, MN

“Every other day we use the cameras to investigate criminal or worker concerns. We go back and monitor them for possible safety issues on the ramps, for passenger interaction, and for worker interactions. Anytime someone expresses a concern to me, they can come in and we can watch the footage together. I try to make sure that the option to view footage is fairly transparent, which has proved very useful to everyone.”

-Paul Mueller, Security Manager, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Manchester, NH

“ A variety of factors led to the use of Arecont Vision, not least of which was the commitment and quality they provide as an American manufacturer. They are one of the few vendors who design and build their cameras in the US, and their cameras’ features and reliability reflect that. ”

- Mike Bales, COO, WW Communications.

“ No other camera manufacturer could compete with the price and performance of the Arecont Vision Omni series. As a result, no other surveillance camera manufacturers were recommended by Digicom, Inc. or would be able to so effectively cover the 15 acres of new and used vehicle display, public access, and vehicle service areas at the new Dahl Auto Plaza. ”

- Russ Neitzke, Digicom, Inc.

“ Basically, the coverage that you get with the SurroundVideo Omni is really like buying four cameras in one. Being able to effectively cover Dahl’s range of campus requirements with fewer cameras and lower purchase, installation, and operational costs meant that Arecont Vision has hit all the required marks for this project. ”

- Russ Neitzke, Digicom, Inc.

“I approached Sanjit for his Arecont Vision cameras for a very specific purpose. I had a construction site, and I needed a camera that could capture the construction process seamlessly and clearly. Other vendors were quoting me exorbitant prices with over-spec’d cameras.”

- Aditya K. Rajaram, Managing Director, Radar DWC LLC, UAE

“Absolutely awesome quality picture. Very easy to install product and to program it.”

- Steve Ortiz, Hamilton Safe and Security Systems

“Our business is surveillance on a national basis. Our systems need to work flawlessly. We are always confident that we are providing our clients dependable, top of the line equipment when selling and or installing Arecont Vision products.”

- George Murphy, US Security Services Group

“ As a distributor, using Arecont Vision allows me to provide the highest quality cameras to my systems integrators at extremely competitive prices. The Arecont direct salespeople as well as the people from their rep firms are extremely responsive and always willing to go the extra mile to help me. I consider Arecont to be one of my few true business partners in the marketplace. ”

- Laura Garest, WESCO

“ While I’m not sure how Arecont are in other states, I can assure you here in Texas you have the best support team (Campion Sales) as well as your Robert Christensen. It’s like going in to battle with a secret weapon!! ”

- Rick Matoy, Turnkey Integrators

“ Have used the panoramic products for over 5-6 years now and they are extremely stable and great image quality. ”

- Steve Lane

“Sanjit clearly listened to my needs and provided me with an extremely cost-effective camera that produced a superior quality continuous image that everyone in the construction site from the project management team to the contracting team were very excited to view and capture on a daily basis. I found this to be very helpful because the camera provide me with exactly what I needed without the unnecessary frills. I am very satisfied with the Arecont Vision product and the service.”

- Aditya K. Rajaram, Managing Director, Radar DWC LLC, UAE

“Arecont staff are the best, I cannot give enough praise to Becky and Jeff they are the best. Your customer service is head and shoulders above your completion. Arecont are prepared to work with you on price and products to get a project. Arecont is the easiest camera manufacture to deal with largely due to our rep Becky. The lady doesn't sleep! Arecont are able to make miracles happen to get orders half away across the globe in a few days. I'm always excited when one of my customers wants Arecont because I know the product is support and there's genuine people behind the product to support it”

- John Van Ommen, Hills, Australia

“The improvement in the quality and performance of our video surveillance system with the Arecont Vision megapixel cameras is incredible. The 360 degree views have made a tremendous difference in providing a safer and more secure campus.”

- Bill Weber, Assistant Chief of Police, Butler University

“Our customer service experience to date has been very positive, and just as high quality as the cameras that the company makes.”

- Andrew Ross, Account Executive, UCIT Online Security Inc., Canada

“Our customer service experience to date has been very positive, and just as high quality as the cameras that the company makes.”

- Andrew Ross, Account Executive, UCIT Online Security Inc., Canada

“Arecont Vision is our first, second, and third choice at General Security Services Corporation. The continual product development, integrated features, and design support from Arecont Vision allows GSSC to be more resourceful.

From the ability to efficiently design and propose the sale to effectively installing the cameras allows GSSC to streamline our workflow, increase our margins, and provide exceptional video quality for our customers.”

- Todd Baumgartner, Director of Sales, General Security Services Corporation

“The imaging of the Arecont Vision camera was so great it caught a theft and identified the [rental] truck license plate and the identity of the suspect.”

- Vince Lopez, Branch Manager, Walters Wholesale

“We’ve been very impressed with the quality of the video provided by the Arecont Vision cameras, which is a significant upgrade over the previous system.

Their stability and ease of use further contribute to our overall satisfaction with this new system.”

- Ken Lee, Administrator for District Operations, Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District.

“It isn’t everyday that I will, and can, write a thank you email like this, but your product and the support I have received from you, [Arecont Vision sales rep name removed], and the rest of the Arecont [Vision] crew is really unmatched in the industry.

- Geva Barash, Security Systems Design

“I have been using the outdoor 360 and 180 [degree SurroundVideo panoramic cameras] for over two years, and I find that they are one of the leading products in image quality, reliability, and ability to use for many applications. I have been using the cameras for schools, military bases, police departments, and many more, and they are all extremely happy with the results.

I also wanted to comment on your technical crew that have been available for help when it was needed. They have been doing a great job, and thank you for your support.”

- Geva Barash, Security Systems Design

“The losses we were experiencing certainly outweigh the cost of the new cameras. Besides insurance deductibles, we were having a lot of problems with break–ins where people were having wallets and other belongings stolen from their cars.

- Alan Ehnes, Director of Golf, Ft. Washington Golf and Country Club

“The individual who was committing the majority of these crimes was actually identified and located. I think these Arecont Vision cameras are priceless.”

- Alan Ehnes, Director of Golf, Ft. Washington Golf and Country Club

“My customers love the [SurroundVideo] Omni and Panoramic series of cameras.”

- Pat Norleen, Sales, MidWest Alarm

“I have been using Arecont Vision megapixel cameras for the past two years. These cameras perform great, and allow me to secure my Stadium with crystal clear high resolution video.”

- Daniel Delorenzi, Director of Security and Safety Services, MetLife Stadium

“We always rely on the quality of Arecont Vision cameras. Our experience with Arecont Vision has made them our first choice for every large project for their exceptional performance and image quality.”

- Thomas Tran, CEO, Citek Corporation, Vietnam

“We chose Arecont Vision megapixel cameras because of their functionality, intelligence, efficiency, and for the excellent picture quality they provide. There is no hesitation in recommending Arecont Vision to other companies when they visit our facility.”

- Krzysztof Karpa, Vice President, Bronisze Agricultural Market, Poland

“In the six years that I have worked with Arecont Vision, I’ve consistently seen the value in recommending their panoramic cameras to my customers."

- Ben Ponce, Account Manager, Tyco Integrated Fire and Security, Canada

“These cameras offer superior wide area coverage with high resolution versus single sensor cameras. And because they require only one network connection and less infrastructure, they can dramatically reduce total cost of ownership.

- Ben Ponce, Account Manager, Tyco Integrated Fire and Security, Canada

“Arecont Vision’s customer service team has always been responsive and helpful when we’ve contacted them, and have worked quickly to resolve issues to our satisfaction.

- Ben Ponce, Account Manager, Tyco Integrated Fire and Security, Canada

“One thing to tell a potential customer? [Arecont Vision] tech support has been very helpful when needed.”

- Patricia Combs, Educational Technology Director, Northeast Alabama Community College

“Ease of installation, compatibility with our current VMS, and the new features [including] Wide Dynamic Range. Our experience has been great. Our organization requires high levels of security and with Arecont Vision’s updates to firmware we can maintain our internal network security policies.”

- Safraz Samad, TPA Operations – Security Administration, Tampa International Airport

“I have had the opportunity to work with various camera manufacturers over the years, the Arecont [Vision] product is what I recommend because of quality, features, and customer service.

The SurroundVideo Omni series camera is one of the most versatile products on the market today and works with all major Video Management software while retaining the features and functions of the camera. ”

- Darrell Heiser, Sales and Engineering Director, Key-Rite Security

“I have also had the opportunity to perform camera demonstrations for customers looking to add a panoramic camera to their property. While performing these side-by-side comparisons, Arecont [Vision] vs competitors, customers see the difference in features, functions, and most importantly picture quality.”

- Darrell Heiser, Sales and Engineering Director, Key-Rite Security

“We were immediately impressed with the video quality and clarity Arecont Vision’s cameras provide. When we saw a demonstration of their low-light performance, network-friendly bitrates, and other features, we knew they would be the best choice for our new surveillance system.”

- Alex Puente, Director of Technology for Flour Bluff Independent School District

“Out of my 14 years experience in this field it is obvious that Arecont Vision [is] leading the market in terms of providing state of the art technology: 1st in using CMOS imager, high megapixel cameras at high frame rates, 20MP panoramic cameras, best image quality, best video compression, best 3rd party VMS customization, best distribution channel, best after sales service, best logistics, [and] durable made in USA quality.”

- Ahmad Turk, Country Manager, Saudi Arabia, Government and Commercial Sectors, SecuTronic

“We have to date protected more than 50% of our buildings with Arecont Vision, and add more every year. Arecont Vision has greatly enhanced the safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors here at Goddard Public Schools – USD #265.”

- Ronny Lieurance, Police Chief, Goddard Public Schools

“Multiple cameras can be costly. At Gateway, we have found by using the Arecont [Vision] SurroundVideo cameras we can reduce camera counts, in many cases increase video quality, and give better coverage. All with 1 multi-sensor camera. By using 1 camera we also reduce the number of PoE ports, data cables, and installation labor.

All of these factors can lead to a cost savings when competing with multiple comparable cameras, not to mention 1 camera looks better than 4.”

- Scott Sellers, Sales and Project Manager, Gateway Wireless

“The district decided to use Arecont [Vision] cameras because of their quality and price. The district is very pleased with the decision to use Arecont Vision cameras.”

- Tim Schmitt, Sioux City Community School District

“Our customer service experience to date has been very positive, and just as high quality as the cameras that the company makes.”

- Andrew Ross, Account Executive, UCIT Online Security Inc., Canada

“Having a complete field of view 100 percent of the time allowed Mission CISD to go back and have an important digital zoom capability for investigation needs.

With one Arecont Vision camera, Mission CISD can now cover the same area as six or seven analog cameras.

The resolution of the video is so high that you can easily see all the details that you need to help resolve disputes or handle situations, both live and after the fact.”

- Jaime Escobedo, President and CEO of American Surveillance Company Inc.

“Arecont Vision builds quality products at a great value. We’ve had no problems in deploying their solutions – they work as advertised!”

- Joe Keller, Vice President of IT, SVS Vision

“We have recently installed Arecont Vision megapixel cameras throughout our facilities and the results have been outstanding. Between the ability to view large areas with their panoramic technology, and the clarity of the megapixel video, we have been able to solve a number of issues and improve our processes."

- Roger Rosenblum, Rock Wall Wine Company

“The service provided by Arecont Vision throughout the project was also outstanding. We were also able to provide a video of an alleged thief to the police and our tasting room manager finds them enormously helpful for monitoring traffic and workflow through our wine tasting room.”

- Roger Rosenblum, Rock Wall Wine Company

“User friendly, reliable, high resolution, performance. Easy design, different housing options, [and] price.

Most wonderful – product with high performance compared to price.”

- Ahmad Zaid Qutaish, Engineering Manager, Electronic Special Equipment Co., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“I was introduced to Arecont Vision over five years ago and their cameras have become the main workhorse in our CCTV system of over 1,300. 

The [SurroundVideo] 180 cameras have proven time and again that PTZ’s are a thing of the past and the new OMNI’s have given us a new appreciation for Arecont [Vision’s] continued superiority in the CCTV field.”

- James McCarthy, Director, Physical Security, University Police Department, George Mason University

“One thing about Arecont Vision? Market leader and technology pioneering. Why do I buy? Quality of the product. My experience with Arecont Vision? Very good.”

- Soren Christensen, Director, IT-SERVE.COM, Dubai

“Great product, innovative, and great support. We have been using Arecont Vision for the last 4 years. We trust the products and the distributor who is well supportive. Moreover, price is more attractive than [competitor name removed], which we had been promoting.”

- Fadi Moubarak, General Manager, KAES, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“Arecont Vision is my go-to source for my K-12 markets. The versatility in the multi sensor cameras allows me to give my customers more camera views with less installation, licenses and support. This lets the customer receive more for their money and in the education market value is key.”

- Soren Christensen, Director, IT-SERVE.COM, Dubai

Reliability & Compliance

Reliability and Flexibility with MegaLab and Compliance

Our cameras are tested and integrated in over a hundred video management system (VMS) platforms through our MegaLab program, and we also are a leader in promoting industry standards, including ONVIF Profile S.

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Awards & Recognition

Arecont Vision ® continues to receive industry recognition for our products, technology, people, and customer support.