TNT Express Chooses Arecont Vision Cameras for Hub Facility in Hong Kong

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As one of the world’s largest express delivery companies, TNT Express moves 4.7 million parcels, documents and pieces of freight every week to more than 200 countries. TNT Express operates air and road transportation networks in Europe, China, South America, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. To more efficiently manage shipping operations in the Asia-Pacific area, TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Ltd. in Hong Kong opened a new 70,000- square-foot hub facility.


TNT Express Worldwide needed a surveillance system to heighten security efforts at its new hub facility in Hong Kong. When reviewing video surveillance alternatives, the company prioritized high resolution and superior image quality for identification and incident detection. TNT Express also favored using fewer cameras for greater system efficiency, and had the need to include remote monitoring / camera setting management capabilities.


ADT Security designed an IP-based networked surveillance system and performed the installation for TNT Express as part of new construction. According to Tyn van Amelsfoort, regional security support manager at TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Ltd., TNT Express had evaluated several megapixel cameras related to another project with ADT Security, enabling a quick decision to go with Arecont Vision for the new facility. Willie Hong, Senior Sales Engineer of ADT Hong Kong Limited, said “TNT Express chose Arecont Vision megapixel IP cameras for their outstanding resolution and as a means to “future-proof” the system for future expansion.”

Arecont Vision’s 5-megapixel (MP) AV5115DN MegaVideo® Compact cameras are installed at high traffic locations where high resolution images are required for monitoring purposes.

Arecont Vision AV8185DN SurroundVideo® Day/Night 8-megapixel 180-degree panoramic cameras are installed to monitor handling activity in the hub. The 180-degree panoramic camera can substitute for multiple analog cameras providing a cost-effective solution for applications where mechanical pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) devices might otherwise be used, or where multiple cameras would be needed to view an expansive area. The AV8185DN incorporates four 2-megapixel CMOS image sensors that can be switched between day and night manually or automatically to provide 6400 x 1200 pixel panoramic images at 5.5 frames per second (fps). The panoramic view can also be set at lower resolutions to provide faster frame rates, such as 1600 x 1200 pixel images at 22 fps. Low-light sensitivity is 0.2 lux at F2.0. The AV8185DN incorporates surface-mount or in-ceiling mounting options, an IP66-rated environmental chassis and a 5.5 inch polycarbonate dome that needs no external window.

Arecont Vision AV8365DN SurroundVideo® Day/Night 8 megapixel 360-degree panoramic cameras are installed in locations where wall mounted cameras would not provide clear views at all times during operations. The ceiling mounted cameras provide clear views of large areas of the facility at all times and due to the installation height offer a discrete surveillance solution.

Arecont Vision’s AV1115DN MegaVideo® Compact cameras are used to monitor emergency exits and areas with less traffic. The cameras capture 1280 x 1024 pixel images at 42fps and offer day/night functionality.

Instek Digital provided the video control, management and recording solution at the TNT Express hub facility, including network video recorders (NVRs), storage and HDD (hard disk drive) control. The system is currently monitored locally within the facility as well as remotely.


TNT Express especially likes the high-resolution image quality of the Arecont Vision cameras and appreciates the broad range of model choices. Also, the availability of higher resolution images can provide key evidence in case of investigations. Arecont Vision cameras’ higher resolutions enable customers like TNT Express to minimize the number of cameras deployed without compromising coverage. The ability of fewer megapixel cameras to take the place of multiple standard-resolution network cameras or analog cameras contributes to overall lower system cost. The use of fewer cameras requires less labor and cabling while providing high resolution. Using fewer cameras to cover larger areas also translates into cost savings related to infrastructure (cables, mounts, housings, etc.) which makes it easier to realize a system Return on Investment (ROI).

TNT Express expects future manpower and equipment savings to help offset their investment in the surveillance system, but those calculations have yet to be made because the cameras were installed as an addition to manned guarding. Expected system longevity will also contribute to ROI.