Megapixel Cameras Protect Millions in Mercedes-Benz Dealer’s Inventory

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Mercedes-Benz is one of the most highly respected and established global brands with high profile dealerships located around the world. As “The Home of Unparalleled Luxury and Performance”, Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando, Florida promises to help customers discover the “true joy of driving” from the moment they enter the showroom. The dealership maintains a large selection of new and Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz models on-site to meet any driving style, and to provide their customers with the gratification of driving away in their new luxury vehicle as quickly as possible.


Over the years, the dealership has had several of its luxury vehicles stolen from their facility, as well as thefts of accessories, wheels and tires according to Michael Brown, owner of Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando. To help resolve the problem, the dealership installed an analog video system, but the system did little to thwart theft due to its limited resolution and inadequate nighttime viewing capabilities. Additionally, Mr. Brown wanted to use the video system to help manage operations by keeping track of staff, customers and vehicles throughout the dealership facility and grounds.

Megapixel Solution

Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando turned to United Security Alliance, Inc., a nationwide integrator of video surveillance and access control systems, to design and install a new video surveillance solution they could rely on. United Security Alliance designed a new video system and installed 35 Arecont Vision cameras inside and outside the facility. The new system provides 24-hour surveillance of the premises with remote monitoring capabilities for surveillance after-hours, according to Terry Ottinger, President, United Security Alliance, Inc. This was not possible with the analog cameras previously installed. Given that United Security Alliance provides 24/7 service, maintenance and support to Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando, the overall performance, proven stability and reliability of Arecont Vision cameras were a deciding factor in their selection. The Arecont Vision cameras not only provide United Security Alliance personnel with high-resolution images capable of capturing minute details like license plate numbers, they provide reliable operation which assures continuous surveillance while virtually eliminating costly service calls.

The advanced video surveillance solution provided by United Security Alliance includes 18 AV2155DN all-in-one 2 megapixel MegaDome® cameras outside the dealership and 17 Model AV1355 all-in-one 1.3 megapixel domes inside the facility. The higher resolution and superior picture quality under all lighting conditions provided by Arecont Vision’s megapixel cameras enables comprehensive coverage of the entire facility using far fewer cameras compared to conventional or analog cameras.

The Arecont Vision megapixel IP cameras were integrated with the GeViScope’s video management system (VMS) from Geutebruck, a German digital video supplier. GeViScope’s video analytics include motion detection which automatically alerts United Security Alliance security personnel in the event anyone enters the dealership’s grounds after hours.

Arecont Vision’s model AV2155DN is an H.264 IP MegaDome® integrated camera, lens and IP66-rated dome providing 1600 x 1200-pixel images at 24 frames per second (fps). Features include a 1/2” CMOS sensor and Arecont Vision’s MegaVideo® image processing at 80 billion operations per second. The cameras employ H.264 (MPEG-4, Part 10) compression to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining real-time image resolution. Capabilities include motion detection, image cropping, region-of-interest viewing and the ability to zoom into an image after it is archived (forensic zooming). Light sensitivity of 0.1 lux at F1.4 enables low-light viewing and recording, and the day/night version of the camera used at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando has a motorized infrared (IR) cut filter for greater sensitivity in nighttime conditions.

The Arecont Vision Model AV1355 is a 1.3 megapixel H.264 MegaDome® IP camera providing 1280 x 1024-pixel images at 32 frames per second. It has other features similar to Model AV2155.

Mr. Ottinger stated that installation of the system and Arecont Vision megapixel cameras went extremely smooth, and that the entire process was “outstanding”. One of the reasons is that Arecont Vision collaborates with leading network video recorder (NVR) suppliers such as Geutebruck to ensure smooth integration of systems using Arecont Vision megapixel IP cameras. Arecont Vision also works with technology partners to streamline the integration of complementary systems products such as servers and related edge devices.

Megapixel Benefits

Arecont Vision cameras provide expanded coverage using fewer cameras that feature higher resolution than conventional cameras. In addition to the ability to electronically zoom into any area of the image with perfect clarity, the highly detailed images also provide the precise image data required for advanced – and accurate – deployment of video analytics resulting in superior overall security. The new system installed at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando takes advantage of these performance characteristics to detect and prevent intrusion and theft on the facilMercedes Benz’s new surveillance system using Arecont Vision Megapixel Cameras has performed flawlessly to date, and has prevented losses likely totaling many thousands of dollars, given the expensive luxury vehicles on the lot. ity’s premises after hours. The cameras also deliver superior image quality, smaller image files and improved video streaming using H.264 compression, which results in smaller file sizes and reduced storage requirements. All of these benefits result in lower total cost of ownership for Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando.

Since their installation, Arecont Vision’s megapixel cameras have been successful in capturing individuals entering the facility late at night. Alerted via the motion detection analytics integrated in to the system, personnel at the central station were then able to use remote audio speakers to let the intruders know they were detected and that the police were en route to the location. The same system features have also been used to inform after-hours shoppers that the dealership was closed and that they should return during business hours.

According to Mr. Ottinger, the system has performed flawlessly to date, and has prevented losses likely totaling many thousands of dollars, given the expensive luxury vehicles on the Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando lot. 

About Arecont Vision 

Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras and associated software. Arecont Vision products are made in the USA and feature low-cost massively parallel image processing architectures MegaVideo® and SurroundVideo® that represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. All-in-one products such as the MegaDome®, MegaView™, and D4S/D4F series provide installer friendly solutions. Compact JPEG and H.264 series of cameras address cost sensitive applications. These innovative technologies enable Arecont Vision to deliver multi-megapixel digital video at IP VGA camera price points.