Bronisze Wholesale Agricultural Market Improves Security and Cuts Costs with Arecont VisionĀ® Megapixel Cameras

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Megapixel Cameras Enhance Video Quality and Coverage 

  • Improved live and forensic image quality delivers increased overall situational awareness with fewer cameras required
  • Annual operational costs reduced by over 120,000 Euros


“We chose Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras because of their functionality, intelligence, efficiency, and for the excellent picture quality they provide. There is no hesitation in recommending Arecont Vision® to other companies when they visit our facility.” 

-        Mr. Krzysztof Karpa, Vice President, Bronisze Market



The Bronisze Wholesale Agricultural Market, located in Poland’s greater metropolitan Warsaw region, is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers from around the world are sold in the market’s eight halls from approximately 2,500 vehicles that serve as each vendor’s kiosk.

The market covers almost 100 acres (35+ hectares) and features an abundance of parking areas and internal roadways. Almost 1.5 million customers use the services of the Bronisze Market annually, and an average of 5,500 vehicles access the market every day through eight entrances. More than 2,000 workers are employed by companies operating at the market.



To help ensure that the facility’s premises, its occupants, and its merchandise are all protected, Bronisze’s management oversees multiple security processes. These include control of entrances and exits, traffic patrols, theft/vandalism prevention, regulation compliance, and general policing duties.

Maintaining all of these safety and security processes is expensive, and management is always looking for ways to control costs while simultaneously providing top quality service and support.

Video from the market’s original analog CCTV system was of low quality and the system was expensive to maintain. To improve video quality and overall situational awareness, the installed equipment was replaced with a hybrid digital surveillance system consisting of DVRs and day/night cameras. These new cameras provided additional coverage with improved image quality, but the cameras still lacked the resolution to identify individuals when required. The cameras also did not provide sufficient resolution for license plate recognition in the large parking areas.  Challenges with the transmission infrastructure and expensive camera licensing fees associated with the video management system added further to the problems.



Megapixel Solution

The Bronisze Market needed a video surveillance system that would improve overall security and simplify daily operations while lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increasing the Return on Investment (ROI). Arecont Vision®’s megapixel camera technology provided the solution, which was supplied and installed by local representative Wimax Sp.J.

An initial test deployment of Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras was implemented at the market’s vehicle entrances and exits, with an additional camera installed in one of the halls. Management was so impressed with the megapixel picture quality and functionality that a decision was made to install Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras on a continuing basis.  A total of 54 Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras have now been installed, with plans for additional units to be added in the future.



By transitioning to Arecont Vision’s IP megapixel cameras, the Bronisze Wholesale Agricultural Market realized several financial benefits.

  • 30% reduction in patrolling guards required, due to the wide area coverage provided by the Arecont Vision® cameras
  • Reducing the size of the guard force resulted in a cost reduction of approximately 80,000 Euros per year
  • Superior image quality provided by the Arecont Vision® cameras enabled management to confirm the identities of vendors responsible for infrastructure damage who were then required to pay restitution
  • This restitution resulted in an additional savings of approximately 42,000 Euros per year
  • The wide field of view provided by a single Arecont Vision® SurroundVideo® AV20185DN 180° megapixel panoramic camera replaced the need for multiple analog cameras that would be required to cover the same area
  • The reduction of cameras also lowered the costs for added cabling infrastructure, recording storage space, and VMS licenses along with a further savings in labor and ongoing maintenance expense


The Arecont Vision® SurroundVideo® AV20185DN’s outstanding quality images are achieved with four high-sensitivity 5MP sensors, each offering a 2,592 x 1,944-pixel view at 11.5 frames per second (fps), for a total image area of 10,368 x 1,944 pixels at 2.8 fps.

Operational and security benefits were also achieved by Bronisze’s management.

  • Increased levels of security throughout the market
  • Improved forensic video documentation of incidents
  • Enhanced efficiency and management of security operations


Arecont Vision® camera’s digital PTZ function enables Bronisze’s operators to zoom into a live or recorded image, or view various angles or distance perspectives without the need and expense of hard wired controllers or lose situation awareness and coverage of the entire area.

With the deployment of Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras, the Bronisze Wholesale Agricultural Market now has the infrastructure in place to further enhance its physical security structure. Cameras can be easily added where and when they are needed, allowing Bronisze management to be more responsive to the needs of market vendors and customers.

“The Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras have provided us with new opportunities for servicing our clients,” said Pawel Winiarski, co-owner, Wimax. “The quality is incredible and Arecont Vision® has been very supportive of our projects.”