Arecont Vision Cameras Efficiently Reduce Illegal Dumping in Pennsylvania

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Three Megapixel Cameras Combine Broad Coverage with Detailed Image Clarity

Clear megapixel images from Arecont Vision cameras help the borough of Alburtis, Pennsylvania, identify anyone dumping prohibited items at the borough's local yard waste center, where residents are allowed to dispose of lawn clippings, tree limbs or shrubs. A newly installed video surveillance system incorporates three cameras – two Arecont Vision MegaDome AV1355DN 1.3 Megapixel H.264 Day/Night Dome Cameras for license plate viewing, and one Arecont Vision 180-degree panoramic SurroundVideo AV8185 8 Megapixel H.264 Camera for a comprehensive view of the waste center yard.

"Megapixel video provides two distinct benefits for this application," said Chris Sessa, Director of Sales for Arecont Vision. "A single panoramic view camera provides coverage of a large area that might otherwise require several additional cameras, which is a big cost savings. The second benefit is the detail of megapixel imaging to enable operators to read the license plate of any vehicle involved in dumping prohibited items."

Illegal dumping at the Alburtis yard waste center of items such as construction debris, propane tanks or household garbage could cause possible environmental damage, harmful fumes, toxicity or deadly fire risk. The megapixel cameras enable the Alburtis Police Department to clearly identify anyone dumping prohibited items and to see what type of materials they are dumping via remote video monitors at the police station and borough building.

"The customer is very happy with the system and has had no issues," said Michael Miller, President of The Wire Guys located in Alburtis, Pennsylvania, who designed and installed the system setup and provided training. "Arecont Vision gave us the ability to meet the customer's system requirements with only three cameras, which would not have been possible with any other imaging solution on the market."